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4.3 in demi-culverin and carriage

4.3 in demi-culverin and carriage



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Old Tower Collection. Been at Pevensey since 1587.

Physical Description

The single reinforce bears in relief the initials ER of Queen Elizabeth I separated by a Tudor Rose surmounted by a crown. (The ER is now believed to stand for Edwardus Rex not for Elizabeth, thus dating the gun somewhat earlier probably around 1550. From the Book of Payments, 1547 to 1553.) The trunnions are a little tapered and have slight shoulders. A length of approximately twelve inches is missing from the muzzle as a result of accidental damage and an iron ring has been shrunk on the the end to give a neat appearance .

No.34 is now mounted on a field carriage of contemporary design made by the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works in 1965-1966


Dimensions: Present Length: 10ft (120 in) (304.8 cm), Overall length: 11ft (132 in) (335.3 cm)


Serial Number None visible


4.3 in _ (10.8 cm)


Places England

Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, p.62.


This gun is at Pevensey Castle where its presence, with a companion, was noted in a survey of the coast of Sussex in 1587: 'The Castle of Pemsey (sic) to be reedified or utterlye rased, there is ij dimy culveringes of small value.'(M.A.Lower (ed),A Survey of the Coast of Sussex made in 1587, etc (Lewes, 1870), f.5). The other gun, now at the Rotunda Museum, Woolwich, No.III.6, is very similar to No.34 except for bearing the initials WP in place of the Royal cipher. These initials may stand for William Pistor who was granted a licence to export cast iron guns in 1579 (C.S.P. Dom) or for an unidentified Wealden ironmaster.
The new information on this gun is from the so called Book of Payments, 'defrayed and payde to dyverse and sundry parsons by vertu of the Kyngs Mats. Warrants sygned by Kynges most honorable counsaile .... payde by the handes of Sr. ffrancis fflemyng and Antony Antony, begynning the xij daye of maye Anno dni. 1547 Anno Primo R.R. Ed. VIto.' (Class I.119.). Also published by Sarah Barter Bailey in the Journal of the Ordnance Society, 1991. pp.11-23.