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Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

Stiff, tapering blade of flattened diamond section, the tip broken off. Long, facetted socket with a large triangular piercing on one side and a (later?) nail hole opposite. Modern haft.


Dimensions: Length of head: 366 mm (14.4 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

None mentioned in Typed Inventory.


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

C ffoulkes, Inventory and Survey of the Armouries of the Tower of London, London, 1916, II, p. 223 (group entry for VII.82-122, illus. of marks).


General notes on this type have yet to be properly done here and this is an INTERIM note.
It has been suggested that the triangular hole in the socket is to take the strap of a toggle and, on this basis, they have been idendified as boar spears. ffoulkes (1916) regarded the as 'probably horsemen's arms'. The sockets are either plain (Type C0) or facetted (Type C1).
ffoulkes (1916) illustrates two marks, neither of which is the disc mark described here and the marks need further investigation.
For other examples of this type in the Royal Armouries see list of Henrician weapons prepared by PJL (which is periodically updated). A list of examples can also be generated by computer search. ffoulkes (1916) says all VII.82-122 are of this type but the present VII.91 is not.