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8 in mortar

8 in mortar



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Transferred from the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich to HQ., R.E.M.E., Arborfield in 1958 and from Arborfield to the Armouries in 1970.

Physical Description

The renforce bears the monogram of George II in slight relief. The breech is incised with the weight 1-2-8 and the serial number 126. In this design of mortar there is a conical chamber and the chase is rather longer in proportion to the rest than is the case with most mortars. The walls are thinner than usual which accounts for the light weight in relation to size


Dimensions: Length: 21 in (53.3 cm) Weight: 1 cwt 2 qtr 8 lb (79.8 kg)


Serial Number 126


8 in _ (20.3 cm)


Places England

Bibliographic References

H.L.Blackmore, The Armouries of the Tower of London, Ordnance Catalogue, H.M.S.O. London 1976, P.98.


These English stone mortars copy the popular French 'mortiers-pierriers' which were designed to fire stones, hand grenades or small shells in specially designed baskets at short ranges (see Saint-Remy, 'Memoires d'Artillerie' (Amsterdam, 1702), 214-16, Pls. 51-2). The stone mortar is normally recognisable by its wine-glass outline.