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Sword frog

Sword frog



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Part of a collection of scabbards, scabbard parts and related tools (IX.3407-IX.3476) purchased on 3rd March 1988. Formerly Deposit 341. Collection ref. no. of this item: U. The tools were used by Mr Arthur Coxen in his scabbard-making business, from about 1942 until 1983. For further information, see inventory file for collection.

Physical Description

Of brown leather, consisting of two trapezium- shaped pieces, slightly flared at their broader ends, stitched at the sides and open at the ends for the scabbard to pass through. Two straps with square brass buckles (for attachment to the belt) are stitched to the outer sides of each trapezium, their ends forming a V. In the centre of one V is a brass rivet, the head being in the form of a stud. A D-ring is stitched to the top (as worn) of the inner trapezium.

Condition on acquisition: Good; some minor and surface cracking of leather.


Dimensions: Overall width (approx.): 260 mm (10.25 in), overall height (approx.): 197 mm (8.75 in)


Places Britain


When acquired, this item was associated with the scabbard, IX.3409. The scabbard is narrower than the normal British infantry officer's blade, and may have been intended for evening wear.