Object Title

Knife and sheath

Knife and sheath



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Acquired, as a gift, from the 1988 Police Amnesty (Scotland).

Physical Description

Of the standard pattern, with brass grip (originally blackened), blued cross-guard and double-edged, flattened diamond-section blade. Brown leather sheath with suspension frog, with slits for belt (elastic loop to secure end of grip is missing); blackened, copper(?), square-ended chape, originally stapled to sheath (staple now missing). The inside seam of the sheath has holes for sewing on the two leather tapes (missing).
Condition on acquisition: Generally fair; showing signs of use. Blackening of grip very worn. Extreme tip of blade rounded off.


SheathLength less belt frog185 mm
SheathOverall length335 mm
BladeLength170 mm
KnifeOverall length297 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

On one quillon, on the face furthest from the blade, stamped (feint): broad arrow and 'B 2'.


Places Britain


For this pattern generally, see D. Venner, 'Dagues et Couteaux', n.p. (Paris ?), 1983, pp.197-199, where the 2nd pattern is stated to heve been introduced on 29 April 1941, and the 3rd pattern on 6 February 1943 (p.197).