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Right gusset

Right gusset



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Old Tower Collection. Found in Bowyer Tower AS 24 (1988)

Physical Description

It is curved to the arm and has a boldly roped, inward turned outer edge. The inner edge is pierced near the top with a diagonal, rectangular slot for a sliding rivet, and near the bottom with a circular hole, now broken out to the edge, for a fixed rivet which attached the gusset to the breastplate. The inner edge is shaped around these attachment points. The lower end has been cracked, while the turned edge a little in from it, has been heavily dented. Bright.


Dimensions: Height: 24.3 cm ( 9.6 in), Width: 11.2 cm ( 4.4 in), Depth: 3.2 cm ( 1.3 in), Weight: 0.09 kg ( 0 lb 3 oz)

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Places Italy