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Right gusset

Right gusset



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Old Tower Collection. Found in Bowyer Tower AS 24 (1988)

Physical Description

It is curved to the arm and has a boxed inward turn at its outer edge. Which is decorated with roping, converging to the centre. The inner edge decorated with a V-ridge, widens slightly at its centre, and also at its lower end which is broken away, diagonaly,through the hole for the rivet which attached it to the breastplate. It widens sharply at its upper end where it was pierced with a further hole, now broken out, for the second of the rivets which attached the gusset to the breastplate. The top of the gusset is pierced with yet another hole, probably for securing a sholder strap. Heavily oxidised.


Dimensions: Height: 23.1 cm ( 9.1 in), Width: 11.5 cm ( 4.5 in), Depth: 2.4 cm ( 0.8 in), Weight: 0.13 kg ( 0 lb 4.5 oz)

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Places Italy