Object Title

Pauldron and upper cannon of a right vambrace

Pauldron and upper cannon of a right vambrace



Object Number

III.3808 A-E


Bowyer Tower AS 55 (1991)

Physical Description

It comprises a pauldron, turner and upper cannon.
The pauldron consists of six lames, overlapping outwards from the third It is shaped to the shoulder and upper arm. The first and third lames are deeper than the rest. The main edges have file roped inward turns with sunken border within which are lining rivets. All subsidiary edges have a V-shaped nick at the medial ridge. The first lame has a later buckle riveted close to the upper edge for attachment to the gorget. The first to the third lames and turner were originally connected by a central internal leather, traces of which remain. The turner and upper cannon completely encircle the arm. The upper cannon rotates on the turner and has a cutout which has a plain inward turn on the front for the passage of the upper arm.
The recessed border has etched decoration in the form of running foliage on a pearled ground withon double incised lines. From this issues addorsed volutes, each of which contains a classical bust in profile, each facing each other. It is externally bright but patinated.


Weight: 1.42 kg ( 3 lb 1.75 oz)

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Places Italy

Bibliographic References

Watts,K 1998 The armour of the Knights of St John, Malta. Royal Armouries Yearbook 3


belonging to an armour known as the Stalked Leaves Armour. Other parts are: left pauldron and upper cannon (Malta 1412), right or left bracelet couter (Malta 1549), left lower cannon (III.3810)