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Bequeathed by J.B.P. Young, 1980.

Physical Description

The hilt is prbably 20th century. Hilt consisting of an oval aluminium pommel, circular in plan, on a brass stand, both roughly shaped and filed, an oval brass cross-guard with two scallops on each side of the blade and two wide grooves across it to the front and rear. The grip is made up of scales fixed to the tang with aluminium rivets, there are two bone scales on each side, the ones next to the tang being white, those on the outside black.
Straight, single-edged, spear-point blade with a 140 mm (5 1/2 in) false edge. Both sides are decorated with deeply cut lines, one running from the hilt for 152 mm (6 ins) and one for 76 mm (3 ins) each each ending in a crescrnt containing two smaller crescents which are joined at one arm, there are four other double crescents on each side.


Dimensions: Overall length: 445 mm (17 1/2 in), blade length: 305 mm (12 in), blade width: 346 mm (1 7/8 in)


Places Turkey