Object Title

Right pauldron and vambrace

Right pauldron and vambrace



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS47 (1991)

Physical Description

It comprises a pauldron, turner, upper cannon, couter and lower cannon.

The pauldron consists of nine lames, overlapping outwards from the fifth. It is shaped to the shoulder and upper arm. The first and fifth lames are deeper than the rest. The main edges have plain inward turns bordered by single incised line decoration within which are lining rivets. All subsidiary edges have a central cusp and are bordered by a double incised line decoration. The first lame has a horizontal slot below which is an iron buckle to accomodate the strap for attachment to the gorget. The fourth - ninth lames and turner were originally connected by a central internal leather, traces of a later leather strap remaining. The fifth to ninth lames and turner also are solidly riveted at the front and rear by a colum of rivets, adjacent to which, are two colums of rivet holes of indeterminate function. The first to fifth lames are connected at the front and rear by a column of rivets. The fifth lame has pairs of skewmorphic rivets.

The turner and upper cannon completely encircle the arm. The upper cannon rotates on the turner and has a cutout, on the front for the passage of the upper arm.

The couter consists of three plates the largest and central plate is made in one piece closed at the rear by an inward overlapping joint secured by two externally flush rivets. It is shaped to the elbow and expands into a heart-shaped wing at the front and rear and has a pucker where it curves round the inside of the arm. The main edges have plaininward turns bordered by a single incised line decoration. All subsidiary edges have a low cenral cusp and a cusp at each rivet, and are borderd by a single line decoration. The main plate is connected at the front and rear to theupper and lower cannon each by a single articulating lame.

The lower cannon is of tubular form, tapering slightly tothe wrist. It is formed of a front and rear plate, joined atthe rear by a pair external hinges and closed at the front by a sprung stud. The lower edge has a plain inward turn borderd by double incised decoration. the upper edge of the front plate, which is cut away to accomodate the elbow, has a simmilar turn and border.

All domed rivets are brass-capped but later. It is externally bright but patinated.


Weight: 3.34 kg ( 7 lb 5.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

The first-ninth lames and turner are incised with roman I-X respectivly on the inner faces.