Object Title

Left vambrace

Left vambrace



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Bowyer Tower, AS 40 (1991). Where it was found riveted to the pauldron III.3768.

Physical Description

It comprises of a turner and upper cannon, couter with two lames and a lower cannon. The main edges have file-roped inward turns. The couter has a single lame either side. The main plate is made in one piece and closed at the rear. It is shaped to the elbow and expands into a heart shaped wing at the fromnt and rear and has a pucker where it curves round the inside of the arm. The lower cannon is of tubular form, tapering slightly to the wrist. It is formed of a front and rear plate, joined at the rear by a pair of external hinges and closed at the front by a sprung stud. The lower edges have roped inward turns. Painted black


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Inscriptions and Marks

none visible.


Places Italy