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Sword - Hand-and-a-half sword

Sword - Hand-and-a-half sword



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Tower Arsenal. Thought to have been 'found in the river Thames near London Bridge' (Dufty 1974). IBE states that the earliest reference to this is by Sir Guy Francis Laking in 1920 (Laking 1920-22)

Physical Description

Tall pommel of octagonal section, long tang, straight quillons of square section. The grip is missing. Long, tapering, two-edged blade of flattened diamond section with an exceptionally long ricasso (approx. 160 mm in length), with a central fuller. In heavily corroded condition.

Featured in

Hundred Years War





OverallLength1190 mm
OverallWeight1535 g
BladeLength927 mm
BladeWidth29 mm
BladeWidth44 mm
PommelWeight350 g


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