Object Title

Sword and scabbard

Sword and scabbard


about 1763

Object Number



Purchased form Andrew Lumley (dealer), 23rd May 1991.

Physical Description

Hilt: London, England; Blade: probably German.
Cast and chased silver hilt. The pommel, sleeve and shells are pierced, and decorated with trophies and foliage; there is an eagle on the outside of the pommel. Colichmarde blade of hollow-ground, three-cornered section, with three engraved trophies on each side of forte. Light brown leather (calfskin ?) scabbard, with top- and mid-lockets (each with a loose ring) and chape, all decorated with chasing and engraving; the top-locket with a trophy.

Condition on Acquisition: generally good; some surface scuffing and staining on scabbard.


Dimensions: Overall length of sword: 991 mm (39 in), blade length: 822 mm (32.38 in)

Component parts

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt - punched hallmarks on knuckle-guard, near pommel: maker's mark 'MC' (for Mary Carman); lion passant guardant (Stirling assay mark); leopard's head (London town mark); upper case gothic 'H' (date letter for 1763/64).On scabbard - engraved on inside of top-locket: 'NIXON / Strand'.


Bibliographic References

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For Mary Carman, see A.G. Grimwade, 'London Goldsmiths 1697-1837: their Marks and Lives', London, 1976, mark No.2007, and p.459 (biography). The mark is stated to have been entered on 20th January 1764. INF. FROM SOUTHWICK 2001 A & B STILL TO BE ENTERED.
Number split: A - sword and B - scabbard (PJL, 10/10/01).