Object Title

Dagger - Rondel Dagger

Dagger - Rondel Dagger



Object Number



Formerly Deposit no. 325 (part). Excavated from the river Thames (information from the vendor who may also have been the finder)

Physical Description

Excavated from the Thames. The hilt has a ferrous rondel at either end, that forming the pommel being a shallow cylinder with a concave projection on the side away from the blade; the other rondel also being a shallow cylinder, with slightly convex faces. The grip is formed of two scales (of wood, bone or horn?) each with a flat face, defined by two parallel incised lines, (originally) four copper alloy, hollow rivets, and rounded edges. The gap between the scales on each side is filled with a metal, spirally ribbed fillet.

The long, straight, single-edged blade has a flat back and ends in a fairly acute point.

Condition on acquisition: Generally good excavated condition; at least half of one scale restored with resin, and all four rivets from same scale apparently missing; one of the spirally ribbed fillets heavily corroded; pommel-rondel and grip assembly loose.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


BladeLength480 mm
BladeWidth25 mm
OverallLength590 mm
OverallWeight424 g

Inscriptions and Marks

a letter I or an elongated capstan.
On the inside of the blade near the hilt
Inlaid copper alloy mark