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On loan to Farleigh Hungerfod Castle in 1979.

Physical Description

Mortuary hilt. The main knuckle-guard and the stool are decorated with large patterae. Broad, mainly single-edged blade, which has been broken near the hilt and mended with a rivetted scarf joint. Repaired break to main knuckle-guard.


Places England


This sword apparently at one time bore the inv. no. IX.1775; there was an IBE under that no., and photos were also formerly filed under that no. The sword was formerly on loan to Farleigh Hungerford Castle (Loan L22), and as the sword appears under the no. IX.2024 on loan lists from at least 1985 (on file in Loans Dept), it was decided to retain the later no. An earlier loan list, dating to 1979 or earlier, has a MS addition (in GMW's hand, and probaly made between 1979 and 1985): 'Rapier IX.1775'. IX.2024 does not appear on that list, but there remains some confusion, since the present IX.2024 is clearly not a rapier. (PJL 29/05/1991)