Object Title

Left pauldron

Left pauldron



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Bowyer Tower, AS 40 (1991) . Where it was found riveted to the turner, cannon and lower vambrace III.3769. Now separated (May 1991).

Physical Description

It consists of seven medially ridges lames, overlapping outwards from the third. It is shaped to the shoulder and upper arm. The first and third lames are deeper than the rest. The main edges have file-roped inward turns accompanied by a recessed border. All subsidiary edges have a single incised border. The first lame has an iron rectangular strip inwhich are two holes, riveted to it in place of a buckle for attachment to the gorget. The first to third lames articulate on rivets at either side.The fourth to seventh lames originally articulated on sliding rivets on the rear by internal leathers, Now solidly riveted, at the centre and front. Painted black and has blistered in places.

Inscriptions and Marks

The fourth to sixth lames have 'V' shaped nicks on the inner upper edges. No makers marks are visible.


Places Italy