Object Title

Left vambrace

Left vambrace



Object Number



Bowyer Towwer AS 42 (1991) Found associated with III.3765

Physical Description

Composed turner and upper cannon a couter of three lames and lower cannon. The turner has two articulating lames at its front upper edge. The turner and upper cannon are closed at the rear. The couter comprises a main plate with a large wing at both the front and rear which completely encircles the arm and is closed at the rear. It is connected to the upper and lower cannon by an articulating lame.The lower cannon is composed of a front and rear plate articulated by a single hinge at the rear, and a sprung stud at the front.

All the main edges of the vambrace have file-roped inward turns bordered by a double incised line decoration. The subsidiary edges are bordered by file-roping. Painted black.

Inscriptions and Marks

none visible.