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Percussion superimposed musket - By J. Lindsay

Percussion superimposed musket - By J. Lindsay



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Purchased from Service Arms 9.10.90

Physical Description

A double hammered musket with a single trigger. This action utilises a superimposed load whereby the trigger operates first the right hammer to fire the forward charge then the left hammer to fire the rear charge. Both hammers have short spurs. The stock is dull oiled finish, with three barrel bands and trigger guard of steel. There are sling swivels on the trigger guard and middle band. The steel buttplate is U.S. marked. A brass cupped, steel ramrod is fitted under the barrel. Barrel is round and bright polished, with a two position leaf rear sight and blade front sight that also doubles as a bayonet lug. All metalwork has been over cleaned and is bright polished


Dimensions: Overall length: 56 in (1168 mm), Barrel length: 41.125 in (1045 mm)


Serial Number None visible


.58 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Top of breech: J.Lindsay Patent. U.S acceptance stamp on butt plate


Places America