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Flintlock combination sword and pistol - By David Kucer

Flintlock combination sword and pistol - By David Kucer



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Presented by the maker, 15th May 1991.

Physical Description

Working swan-necked cock and top vented half octagonal barrel in polished steel. Stamped on right side of the barrel is: D.KUCER. The pistol is attached to the blade by a single screw, the trigger protrudes from behind the shell guard and just in-front of the knuckle-bow
The cast brass hilt has a simple knuckle-bow terminating at the pommel, which is oval with a squared-off top, surmounted by a supported ball. The grip is of ivory and is octagonal in shape. A shell guard hangs on the right side, partially concealing the flintlock mechanism. The blade is polished steel with an upturned point and a single wide fuller


BarrelLength1.5 inches
BarrelLength38 mm
BladeLength7 inches
BladeLength178 mm
OverallLength8.75 inches
OverallLength223 mm
OverallWeight0.046 kg

Component parts


Serial Number None visible


.125 in


For the case see XIV.33A