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Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



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Presented by the Indian Government, 1861. From the disarmament following the Indian Mutiny, 1859.

Physical Description

The lock is a small serpentine with an internal linkage and a trigger of brass pierced with scrolls. The stock is of dark red wood, with large brass side plates set with coral. At the rear of the breech are inlaid strips of ivory. The pattern welded barrel is of round section with a plain swamped muzzle. It is secured to the stock by a binding of leather, and has had others of cane and wire. The breech is secured by a brass strap.


Weight: The gun weighs 3.9 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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Compare XXVIF.71-78, from the same series.