Object Title

Centrefire six-shot revolver

Centrefire six-shot revolver



Object Number



Presented by Tayside (Scotland) Police as a post Amnesty 1988 surrender, no. 1/89 (SUSM no. 4), 1989

Physical Description

Standard factory blue-black finish overall, the hammer and trigger colour case-hardened.
Conventional S&W large frame, the top strap fitted with a finely ribbed iron strip to which the adjustable open notch backsight is attached. The rear face of the backsight notch is outlined in white. Rear face of cylinder stamped between each chamber with the Birmingham proofmark of a crown over BNP. Right side of frame has the usual S&W trademark and, beneath the cylinder, MADE IN USA. MARCAS REGISTRADAS / SMITH & WESSON / SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Crane supporting the cylinder stamped on its inner face 56354, and F4. Crane recess of frame stamped N438558, and MOD. 29-2. This revolver arrived in the collection lacking grips, the following markings were thus easily visible: On right of butt frame; 5461, a circle containing R, and a triangle containing B; beneath the butt the serial number N438558; and on the left of the butt frame 56354, F4, F10, and F18. The rear butt strap is ribbed with a group of fine narrow grooves. After acquisition by the Royal Armouries this revolver was fitted with a pair of Pachmayr Presentation black rubber grips.
Heavy circular section barrel with broad top rib, the centre portion of which is matted with a group of fine parallel grooves. Beneath the barrel is a shroud for the cylinder arbor of typical form for this type of revolver. The foresight is a two-part ramp, with a red plastic insert in the blade. Left side of barrel stamped SMITH & WESSON, and above the cylinder arbor with the Birmingham proofmark of a crown over BNP, .44 MAG 1.277', 13 TONS PER []', and an illegible circular mark. Right side of barrel stamped 44 MAGNUM. The bore is rifled with five very shallow grooves of equal width to the lands. Inspected and repaired prior to firing by the NFC Firearms Technical Manager. Standard S & W wooden grips fitted. Noted during inspection that the barrel lenght has been reduced, as the foresight block has been refitted (normally an integral part of the barrel), and the crowning is not standard. correct pattern S & W grips. Barrel noted as having originally been longer.


BarrelLength152 mm
OverallLength295 mm


Serial Number N438558


.44 in Magnum

Inscriptions and Marks

Birmingham proof marks.


Places America


Fired: 29/11/1993 (Lippits Hill)