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Mail shirt (zereh)

Mail shirt (zereh)



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Found, NAAC, 10 May 1991.

Physical Description

The shirt is thigh length, with half length sleeves and a full length opening at the front. The neck opening is in the form of a rectangular cutaway. At either side of the chest is a panel of heavy mail. At the underside of each sleeve is a mail gusset formed of transverse rows. The sleeves are obliquely angled at the cuffs. Most of the mail is formed of alternate rows of small, riveted links of round section wire with coarsely finished overlaps, and large welded links of angular, erratic form. The reinforced panels are also formed of alternating riveted and welded rows, but these are made of heavy, oval section wire, with large overlaps on the riveted links.


Dimensions: height 730 mm (28.8in), chest width 530 mm (21in), small riveted link diameter 8 mm, small welded link diameter 10 mm, large riveted link diameter 12 mm Weight: the weight of the shirt is 6.2 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks