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Left pauldron and upper cannon

Left pauldron and upper cannon



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Old Tower Collection.

Physical Description

It is formed of six lames overlapping outwards from the third and a turner and upper cannon. The first three lames expand over the chest and back while the lower lames are shaped to the upper arm. The first three lames have file-roped inward turns accumpanied by a sunken border and are connected to one another by rivets at the front and rear. The fourth to the sixth lames are connected by a column of sliding rivets at the rear and originally by internal lrather at the centre and at the front. These lames are now solidly fiveted together. The turner and upper cannon completely encircle the area and are closed by an overlapped and riveted join at the rear. The lower edge of the upper cannon and the upper edge of the turner are cut away in a curve where they have a file-ropped inward turn. Painted black. The subsidiary edges are decorated with cusps


Weight: 1.47 kg ( 3 lb 3.75 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

none visible


Places Italy