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Iron Handgun

Iron Handgun



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Acquired in February 1974 from Howard Ricketts in exchange for a North Italian breast and backplate (III.1248)and four horse muzzles. Formerly in the collection of Mr Jan M van den Brink, Utrecht, Holland. In a letter dated 10 February 1974 sent to H. L. Blackmore, Mr van den Brink said that he bought the gun at an Amsterdam auction house in 1965, and that it had formerly been in the collection of Dr Melchior of Haarlem. The gun was supposed to have been dredged up from either the River Rijn or Waal. (See the Inventory File for this piece)

Physical Description

Tubular iron barrel, with small flare at muzzle. Hook beneath barrel, forged in one with it. Vent on top of breech. Circular section rod forming the tiller, the end upswept and formed into a pear-shaped loop.


OverallLength1305 mm
BarrelLength720 mm


Serial Number None visible