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Physical Description

The hilt is made up of a large, grooved barrel-shaped pommel withpronounced tang button and a modern leather grip. The quillons are comprised of two horizontally recurved arms with spatulate terminals, two large, open ring-guards, 'pas d''ane' [now called 'arms of the hilt'] and two smaller ring-guards below. The last were originally filled by two pierced shells, of which now only one remains. All the bars of the hilt are deeply fluted on both sides.
The long, two-edged, blade has a short leather bound ricasso and three narrow fullers. A mark (a crescent, profile, 'man in the moon' )is stamped twice on each face, either side of the thin long central fuller.


BladeLength1026 mm
OverallLength1240 mm
OverallWeight1.7 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Maker's mark
Crecsent shape moon ('man in the moon profile).
twice, on each face of the blade, either side of the long, narrow, central fuller.


Places Germany

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and A. Borg, European Swords and Daggers in the Tower of London, London, 1974, Pl.13c.


The sword is composite; the blade not being that originally fitted to the hilt.