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Dagger (khanjar)

Dagger (khanjar)



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Purchased 1 April 1990.

Physical Description

The blade is of watered steel, double edged and recurved, with a reinforced point and a medial rib terminating in a lotus bud finial at the forte. The blade is of a mottled dark green hardstone, probably serpentine, and is carved in the form of a horse's head.
The scabbard is modern. It is of wood covered with red fabric, with a copper alloy locket and chape.


Dimensions: overall length: 44.0cm (17.3in), blade length: 26.8cm (10.5in) Weight: 0.496kg (1lb 2oz)

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Bibliographic References

Paris, Gallerie ART, Splendeur des armes orientales, Paris, 1988, no. 166, p. 186.

Thom Richardson, An introduction to Indian arms and armour, Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2007: 16


This 'khanjar' belongs to a large group of Mughal daggers with animal headed hilts, manufactured between 1675-1750. Most of these hilts are of jade, rock crystal or agate; this is the only recorded example in serpentine.