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9 pr gun - Rose and Crown type

9 pr gun - Rose and Crown type



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Donated by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, June 1986.

Physical Description

The cascable consists of a plain round button two arcs and three fillets. The base ring is flat with an ogee moulding. The first reinforce after the vent field consists of a plain astragal. The first reinforce ring consists of an astragal and ogee moulding. The second reinforce ring consists of an astragal and an ogee moulding and after a space of a few inches there is a plain astragal. The bell shaped muzzle has an astragal, and two fillets and an ogee moulding at the mouth.
There is shrapnell damage to the left face of the chase.
The marks consists of 2 (?-) 3(-?) inscribed to the rear of the first reinforce. At the forward end of the reinforce is inscribed a 7(or 1?) (read from the left.) On the top face of the chase is inscribed a 9. One the left trunnion is cast a raised B and on the right trunnion an S, or 6 or 8


Dimensions: Length: 114 in. (289.6 cm), Overall length: 121.5 in. (308.6 cm)


Serial Number None visible


4 in _ (10 cm)


Places England


Formerly used as a bollard on Tower Hill (number 13).
Excavated March 1986.

It resembles rose and crown guns XIX.183, 287, 321, 379,382.
Catalogued 17th June. J.M.P.