Object Title

Sword - hand-and-a-half sword

Sword - hand-and-a-half sword



Object Number



Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

The hilt is made up of an inverted fig-shaped pommel and the original grip of leather over twine and wood. The straight quillonsare of round section expanding toward their terminals. A semi-ring guard on one side has a turned ornament at its centre and serpent-head terminals. On the other side of the quillons a small, double thumb guard curves over the blade.

The blade is straight, two-edged, with three shallow fullers near the hilt. Marks and letters are inlaid in brass or latten (copper alloy) on both faces.





OverallLength1232 mm
OverallLength997 mm
OverallWeight1810 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Makers Marks
A six-pointed star on one face of the blade and a running wolf and the letters FV preceded by another character (see drawings in Makers Cards). on the other.
On faces of blade
Struck and inlaid inlatten or brass (copper alloy)

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The serpent-head decoration of the side-ring isregarded as particularly Germanic.