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Probably Old Tower Collection (no information in Typed Inventory).

Physical Description

Long top-spike, a rounded moulding at its base; small crescentic axe-blade with long fluke at the rear, the ; back edges of both of which are decoratively cut, including a small vertical spike on the upper edge; two langets (one with a horzontal break) were each originally attached to haft by five rivets or nails, three now missing and one of the holes filled with copper alloy. Axe, fluke and base of the top-spike are engraved with a coarse, foliate pattern.


Dimensions: Overall length: 2280 mm (89 3/4 in.), Length of head, esxcluding langets: 635 mm (25 in.), Length of langets: 310 mm (12.5 in.), Max. width of head: 250 mm (9 7/8 in.)


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

C ffoulkes, Inventory and survey of the armouries of the Tower of London, London, HMSO, 1916, vol. II, p. 246 ('late 16th century')


The Typed Inventory had it as 'Italian, 17th century'. It also said 'The socket is pierced for a transverse spike' but this appears to be wrong since none of the holes in either face of the socket line up, so the holes were probably for attachement to the haft. Three now contain nails, one of them modern.