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Infantry helmet

Infantry helmet



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Physical Description

One-piece spherical skull of layered kevlar, coloured NATO drab olive green, with slightly thickened unturned brim which rises slightly in front of an arched ear recess which is externally proud. Internally the skull is cushioned by two layers of stiff black polyethylene foam to form a trauma liner, the innermost coming down almost to the brim at front and rear but curving over the ear recesses, the outermost covering the skull only and of flattened hexagonal shape. At the rear of the apex of the skull the liner has two horizontally aligned countersunk holes for the flattened ends of two black plastic rivets which secure it to the skull and protrude externally as short cylinders. At both front and rear the innermost layer of the trauma liner is enclosed in a soft black foam envelope which is secured between the trauma liner and the skull and is folded back at the brim as far as the edge of the outermost liner layer to form a pad for the brow and back of head. At the front it overlaps the liner at the sides and is stitched to its enclosed inner half, which has a band of green webbing along the upper edge. A soft black gloving leather covering is secured over the pad at front and rear by a line of light green stitching along the upper edge and is turned over and stitched at the sides. Each is secured to the trauma liner at two points along the top edge. The front pad has an additional line of vertical stitching in the centre.
A horizontal green nylon webbing size adjustment strap is secured to the inside of the right ear recess by a green plastic rivet with a low-domed head internally and externally, the strap end being folded over and stitched. The strap then passes around the inside rear of the helmet between it and the liner to be similarly secured on the left after passing through a running buckle. Above each rivet in the ear recess is a small green domed plastic rivet centrally pierced on the outside surface.
Four vertical green nylon webbing straps spring from the securing points of the pad, the upper end of each turned over and stitched to form a loop through which passes an adjustable green crown tie cord.
The helmet is fitted with a green cotton webbing chinstrap with a 3-point fixing. A square black plastic running buckle is secured forward of each ear recess by an external plastic slotted bolt passing into a hexagonal brass nut. Each end of the chinstrap passes through a buckle, the upper end turned over and stitched to form a strap end and secured to the loop by a green elastic restraining Tidy Loop. The left strap is angled and stitched to secure an iron ring before passing through an adjustable running buckle and passing through a rectangular iron ring secured by an external plastic screw to the rear edge. The strap then continues on to form the right strap, bent at an acute angle and crossing itself before ascending to pass through the right hand buckle. Both the angle and the crossing point are stitched in place, and the ovoid so formed is filled with a piece of black gloving leather, secured by stitching, to form a chincup. A doubled piece of webbing forms a quick release fastener and is stitched to the angle and fitted with a press-stud which secures the Fastener to itself after passing through the ring on the left strap.
The helmet has a few small traces of white paint on the external surfaces and a smear on the front and rear of the trauma liner.


Dimensions: Maximum Height: 18 cm. (7.1 in.), Maximum Width: 24.4 cm. (9.6 in.), Maximum Length: 28.1 cm. (11.1 in.), Weight: 1.43 kg. (3 lb. 2.5 oz.)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the inner right side of the helmet, above the brim and to the rear of the ear indent is fixed a white nylon rectangle on which is printed in black letters: NAME: NO: HELMET COMBAT GS MK 6 YEAR: 1988 SIZE: LARGE NATO Stock No: 8415-99-132-6007 SERIAL NO: (Then written in black ink:) 316015 BATCH: (Then written in black ink:) 6/548 N.P. COVENTRY


Places Britain


As issued to the British Army. The helmet is constructed from layers of ballistic nylon impregnated with PVB phenolic resins, and replaces the steel MK 4. It protects against shell and grenade fragments as well as heat flash. It has a NATO drab olive Infra red reflective coating. The ear recesses allow space for CLANSMAN Headsets and approved ear muffs/defenders. The helmet can be converted for internal security and similar work by addition of a 3mm. thick polycarbonate transparent visor and flame resistant impact absorbing neck protector.
A cotton DP camouflage cover in jungle camouflage with loops for retaining garnish is available (see IV.1617). An 'arctic' cover is also available.