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Left pauldron

Left pauldron



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Bowyer Tower AS 46 (1991)

Physical Description

It consists of a pauldron, turner, upper cannon, couter and lower cannon.

the pauldron is formed of nine lames overlapping outwards from the fifth. The lames were originally connected by rivets and leahters, now conected by modern screws and nuts. In the centre of the first lame is a horizontal slot and buckle for attaching to the gorget.

The upper cannon rotates on the turner and has a cut-out for the elbow.

The couter consists of five plates. The largest and central plate has decorative rivets grouped in a cicle. The couter is conected to the upper and lower cannon by two articulating lames.

The lower cannon is formned of two plates joinded by two external hinges and closed by a sprung stud.

The main edges have (unusual--possibly a Flemish feature) file-roped inward turns accompanied by a pair of incised lines. Bright.


Weight: 2.22 kg ( 4 lb 14.5 oz)

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Places Flanders