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Airgun - By Kolbe

Airgun - By Kolbe



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Purchased from Peter Finer, 3rd April 1991

Physical Description

Barrel-reservoir magazine airgun of large size, with dummy flintlock operating the magazine and air release valve. Large lock, the lockplate engraved at the tail with a bow and quiver and ahead of the cock, within a rococo cartouche, the name Kolbe.
Full-length stock. No fore-end cap, the brass-tipped wooden ramrod retained by three plain brass pipes. An ornate brass plate inlaid into the underside of the fore-end houses a concealed cover giving access to a magazine tube for balls leading to the breech valve operated by the false frizzle. Large and ornate brass sideplate and triggerguard. Panels of foliate carving of good quality around rear ramrod pipe and breech tang. Scutcheon plate in form of a rococo cartouche on wrist, large brass buttplate engraved with rococo motifs, and on right of butt a small decorated brass plate with a swivelling cover which provided an air intake for the pump built into the butt. The end of the pump piston projects from the sole of the plate, and is cut to take a detachable footplate.
The brass barrel is quite plain except for an area of scroll engraving on the breech tang and around the breech. The top of the breech is engraved KOLBE LONDON. The muzzle has a short flared section and a simple teardrop-shaped foresight. A simple moulding forms the muzzle face, which is the area between the air reservoir and the bore tube proper.


BarrelLength1068 mm
OverallLength1486 mm


Serial Number None visible


.50 in (13 mm)


Bibliographic References

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