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Holy water sprinkler

Holy water sprinkler



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Physical Description

The head consists of a wooden ball with a short disc like projection above and below, each reinforced with a rivetted iron band. The ball is set with twelve sharply tapered steel spikes, a further spike springs from the top of the head. Two langets extend down the modern (CHECK) haft from under the lower collar.


Dimensions: Length of head including top spike and collar: 241 mm (9.5 in), length of langets: 324 mm (12.75 in)


Places England

Bibliographic References

P.J. Lankester, 'Two maces from Henry VIII's arsenal?', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 5, 2000, pp. 27-43, at p. 29 (mention).


(interim note on the type generally)
Other similar weapons in the Royal Armouries are: VII.899-901, 1584 and 2937. These are probably to be identified as among the 'Holy Water Sprinkles' included in the 1547 inventory of Henry VIII's possessions.