Object Title

Lower cannon of a left vambrace

Lower cannon of a left vambrace



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AS 52 (1990)

Physical Description

It is of tubular form, tapering slightly to the wrist where it has a plain, angular outward turn bordered by a band of foliate decoration and by a single incised line. A similar turn occurs at the inside and front of the upper edge, which is obliquely cut away for the elbow at the front, but has a deep step at the rear.
It is formed of an inner and outer plate, the former fitting within the latter. The plates are joined at the front by a pair of internal hinges working in slots in the inner plate. They were fastened by a strap attached at the centre of the outer plate, for which a rivet and large octagonal external and smaller internal washers survivr, which engaged a buckel with a trapezoidal loop at the centre of the inner plate.
The upper edge of the outer plate has a flush rivet, with an adjacent rivet hole, at the front and rear, for the attachment of internal leathers.
The exterior is black and corroded. At the inside of the wrist is a pierced hole for attachment of a gauntlet. The upper front corner of the outer plate is damaged.


Dimensions: Length: 22.5 cm ( 4.0 in), Wrist diameter: 8.4 cm ( 3.4 in), Elbow diameter: 11.0 cm ( 4.3 in) Weight: 0.41 kg ( 14.25 oz)

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Places Italy