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From the collection of Dr R Williams, 1974. Purchased from Donad Donald in 1949.

Physical Description

The hilt has a wooden grip bound with copper wire, iron bars down 4 sides and ferrules, a squashed globular pommel, long, straight quillons, a knucklebow with central and terminal mouldings, upper and lower arms, and a figure-of-eight shell guard embossed with central domes and bordered by double incised lines. The blade is straight and double edges with a central fuller. It is etched with an inscription, at the left COMPA SIBLA and a Maltese cross, and at the right Rto DE MALTA and a Maltese cross. The surface is bright but patinated, with traces of corrosion on the guard.


Dimensions: overall length 1045 mm, blade length 880 mm Weight: 2 lb 8 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped with a bird on the ricasso at either side.


Places Portugal


For further information on the Maltese cross mark and for other examples, see entry for IX.110. A very similar bird mark is recorded on the ricasso of a rapier from the Pauilhac collection (de Cosson index).