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From the collection of Dr R Williams, 1974.

Physical Description

It is of semi-anime form, comprising an upper section embossed to simulate 6 lames and 3 articulated lames at the waist, the lowest of these with a narrow flange. The neck edge has a roped inward turn, and the gussets are missing. It is decorated with 3 columns of rivets, and has a leather at the centre of the articulated lames. The subsidiary edges of the simulated lames are bordered with single incised lines, those of the articulated lames with double incised lines. It is embossed with a Maltese cross suspended at the neck from roped ribs. There are large holes with lead grommets at the shoulders for later straps and two more at either side. At the waist are three later staples, the central one attached on a large riveted repair. It is stamped GP for the Pisan Gioco del Ponte.


Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped 133 at the neck. Painted inside P3, and has also a small tag numbered 12.


Places Italy


compare III.1459 P3 painted on back