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Centrefire six-shot revolver - Schofield Smith and Wesson 2nd Model

Centrefire six-shot revolver - Schofield Smith and Wesson 2nd Model



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Transferred through the National Museums Consortium via Amnesty 1988. From Lothian and Borders (Scotland) Police no.0693, (SUSM no.21)

Physical Description

A top-break revolver with single and double action lock. The release catch is behind the rear sight and permits the barrel and cylinder to tip forward, enabling the cartridges to be automatically ejected by a sprung loaded star. The hammer has a short chequered spur, whilst the trigger is plain blued steel. The barrel is round, with a raised top rib. Grips are plain walnut, retained by a single screw. There is an inspectors cartouche on the left grip.
Sights are V notch rear and blade front. Overall condition is good, with an brown patina and some pitting. This revolver is a military issue item, having a U.S mark on the frame.
With this pistol is a contemporary holster dating to circa 1880. It is manufactured of thick brown leather, and is a 'slipper' type, being so constructed that the holster body is slid through two thick slots cut into the rear flap. This holds the body of the holster flat and also creates a strong loop through which a belt may be threaded. A half-moon has been cut from the top of the holster, adjacent to the trigger, to enable the revolver to be drawn with the trigger finger through the guard. There is some decorative floral tooling on the the holster body


Serial Number 5972


.45 in S&W

Inscriptions and Marks

Left frame: U.S.


Places USA