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Sword (kilic)

Sword (kilic)



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Purchased 1 April 1991.

Physical Description

The watered steel blade is slightly curved and single edged for three quarters of its length. It was originally decorated in gold inlay with a circular medallion and bands of decoration at the edge and back, near the hilt, but these were ground away, probably when it was remounted in Turkey. The hilt is of angled pistol grip form, with a faceted wooden grip retaining the remains of its black leather covering. The quillons are long and elegant, flaring to bulbous terminals, with shrt, narrow langets and processes extending back over the grip. The pommel cap is facetted like the grip. The scabbard is of wood covered with black leather, with two lockets with hanging rings and a chape, all of steel.
All the fittings are decorated with medallions of flowers, buds and interlacing stems in gold inlay, and have borders or alternating bands of chiselled settings for precious stones .


Dimensions: overall length: in scabbard 96.6cm (38.1in), overall length: 95.0cm (37.5in), blade length: 81.0cm (32.0in) Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.15 kg, the weight of the scabbard is 0.45 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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Another sword in the same style is in the Topkapi Saray, the 'sword of Abul Hasene (Abu Hasan), scribe of the Prophet'.