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Cuisse and poleyn (dizcek)

Cuisse and poleyn (dizcek)



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Purchased 1 April 1990.

Physical Description

For the right leg. It is of mail and plate construction. The thigh defence is formed of seven columns of plates, the central one narrowing to the base. The columns of plates are joined by two rows of riveted links and one of punched links, the latter of concave section. The upper part is joined to the poleyn by seven horizontal rows of mail, of the same alternating type. The poleyn is formed of three plates, a main central plate overlapping and solidly riveted to one above and below. The main plate has a medial cusp at the top and bottom, and flares to a pair of cusps at the outside, where it has a small wing. Attached to the bottom is a triangle of mail. The mail is attached to the poleyn by a series of loops with spatulate terminals, stamped on the outside with rosettes, through which it each is riveted to the poleyn.

The upper plates are plain, but each is pierced with a central hole which may once have contained a decorative rivet. The main plate of the poleyn is decorated with narrow bands of foliage and inscriptions in gold onlay, most of which are now illegible. At the centre is a raised circle surrounded by small brass rivets, and at either side, similarly surrounded, is a circular floral medallion in gold.

The upper plate of the poleyn is cracked at the right, and two of the loops for the mail are missing.


Dimensions: height 64 cm (25 in), width 52 cm (20.5 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

St.Irene arsenal mark on the poleyn.


Places Turkey

Bibliographic References

Paris, Gallerie ART, Splendeur des armes orientales, Paris, 1988, no. 8.