Object Title

Snaphaunce musket

Snaphaunce musket


about 1650

Object Number



Purchased 1 April 1990.

Physical Description

Full stocked in a stained pale wood with a grooved surface that looks as if the whole gun has been tightly bound with cord. Simple inlays and butt cap of staghorn, the latter with two onion shaped iron studs. There is a small sliding lid for a patchbox. On the opposite side of the stock are two heart shapes and tulip flowers.
The barrel is round at the breech, becoming octagonal and then round again with a slight sighting rib. At the muzzle it is concave and multifaceted. At the breech, around the back sight and around one barrel band there are areas of silver overlay of tendrils. The back and fore sights are of brass and the barrel shows a prominent spiral structure overall.
the lock, held by two side nails through diamond shaped staghorn inlays, is a variety of snaphaunce built on a long flat lockplate on which is mounted a single leaf mainspring acting downwards on the toe of the cock. The latter has elongated heavy jaws similar to a Baltic lock. The pan cover is a simple plate manually operated. Internally there is a long sear spring retracted through the plate by the sear.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 1170 mm, the overall length of the gun is 1495 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 5.15 kg.



Inscriptions and Marks

On a brass plate behind the trigger 296, in white paint in front of the lock, 178 and on the stock near the patch box the number 209 in white.


Places Turkey


Although this gun shows some Turkish features, the style of lock, the wood of the stock and the lack of a standing rear sight plate suggests it was made in Russia for the Russian market.