Object Title

Matchlock carbine

Matchlock carbine



Object Number



Purchased 1986.

Physical Description

The dark wood stock is stepped downwards behind the barrel then curves downwards slightly towards the butt. In section the butt is pentagonal tapering towards the lower edge. At the butt is a cap of staghorn or bone with a dentated edge. Above this the stock is incised with a scale pattern before becoming plain with ornate borders. The trigger is pierced to look like a leaf curling forward where it meets a tendril. The iron side-plates are chiselled fith leaf pattern borders and terminate at the rear in elaborate fretted finials. Behind the barrel and around the tang the wood of the stock is reeded and inlaid with a central concave strip of bone or ivory. On the right side-plate is a tubular holder for the pricker, which is of facetted steel with a swivel loop through which is fastened a brown retaining cord. Under the stock, behind the trigger is a blind hole surrounded by an iron eyelet. The slot for the mechanism is filled by a strip of horn retained by a copper plate. There are sling swivels of brass and a ram-rod with a chiselled head. The barrel is round throughout with a narrow raised rib running along the length. At the breech, which tapers sharply, it is heavily chiselled with a bird amidst foliage with a further region of chiselled foliage above a plain moulding. The muzzle is chiselled in a similar way, whilst a narrow band of foliate chiselling extends along both sides of the barrel above the wood of the forend.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 884 mm, the overall length of the gun being 1334 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 3.85 kg.

Component parts


17 mm.

Inscriptions and Marks

The stock is punched with the number 276 and the barrel is crudely punched with a point-tool with a short inscription and a number.



The shape of the stock suggests this gun is from Indore.