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Fabric and mail helmet (top)

Fabric and mail helmet (top)



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Purchased 1 April 1990.

Physical Description

The helmet is made of quilted fabric, with long lappets at the sides and rear. The upper part of the skull and the lappets are covered in purple velvet and quilted vertically, while the band around the brow is covered in emerald green velvet and quilted diagonally. The lappets are covered with a mail avetail which extends below the skull at the front. The aventail is formed of fine mail, in alternate horizontal rows of welded and riveted links, containing numerous repairs with butted links and reused riveted links. At either temple is a silver, or silvered brass, plume holder, with a flattened, cusped onion-shaped terminal pierced with three holes for attachment to the helmet, and decorated on the terminal with an incised spray of flowers on a hatched ground. At the centre is a nasal, of rectangular section with terminals matching those of the plume holders, and incised along its length with three leaf-shaped panels containing incised foliage. The nasal is secured by a rectangular bracket whose ends are pierced and sewn to the helmet, and which has a retaining screw.


Dimensions: overall height 56 cm (22 in) the bowl being approximately 170 mm diameter. Weight: The weight of the helmet on its stand is 1.6 kg.

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Bibliographic References

Paris, Gallerie ART, Splendeur des armes orientales, Paris, 1988, no. 197.