Object Title

Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



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Part of loan 199 to the National Portrait Gallery April 1968 to April 1986.

Physical Description

The skull is made in two parts joined by rivets in the brim and in a comb which widens at the crown over the bowl. The brim is broad and corves down at either side. The main edge is inwardly turned with a sunken border originally containing twenty-nine domed headed lining rivets with square internal washers, of which six are missing. The bowl is bordered at the brim by sixteen domed headed rivets of which two on each side have square internal washers for the attachment of cheekpieces, now missing. At the rear is a plume holder with a point at its apex, attached by two rivets, decorated at the top and bottom with double incised lines and pierced with three holes in the form of an inverted triangle.

All the surfaces have a brown patina and have been blued and lacquered. the brim is pierced twice at the rear for suspension.


Dimensions: Overall Height: 23.2 cm ( 9.1 in), Overall Width: 24.9 cm ( 9.8 in), Overall Depth: 33.9 cm ( 13.3 in), Skull Width: 18.4 cm ( 7.2 in), Skull Depth: 23.0 cm ( 9.0 in) Weight: 1.550 kg ( 3 lb 6 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped SH, twice, for the owner.


Places Netherlands