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Fencing Mask

Fencing Mask



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Physical Description

The mask is made in three parts. The face-guard is of wire mesh, of amygdaloid shape with a medial keel. The ear-protection is provided by a curved section of wire mesh starting below each ear and curving over the skull. The wire mesh is stainless steel dipped in black nylon.

The third part of the nask is made up of a bib for throat protection. It is attached inside, to the wire mash above the ears by three rivets and is sewn to the mesh under the chin. The bib is made of two pieces of cotton sandwiching a layer of kevlar.

All seams are covered and protected. Around the circumference runs a leather-like white vinyl strip that is both glued and sewn to the mesh and the bib. The seam by the ear is similarly protected by a wide strip of the same material. The rear of the mesh has a hard, rounded plastic edging.

Around the rear of the face-guard, inside, is a wire to retain both shape and to provide rigidity; attached to the wire is a yellow plastic foam-filled tube 1 1/2 inches thich, to provide comfort. Attached to the top of the wire support is a plastic-covered wire head-clip which is angled downwards at the rear for supporting the mask on the head. Additional support is provided by a white elasticated band with 'Paul' woven in black. The band is attached by four rivets to the wire mesh, two at each end.


Dimensions: Height: 36 cm ( 14.5 in), Width: 20.5 cm ( 8.0 in), Depth: 21.0 cm ( 8.25 in) Weight: 1.1 kg ( 1 lb 8 0z )

Inscriptions and Marks

On the inside right of the bib a label has been sewn that reads 'Paul 14 New North St. London WC1 England. 01-405 3832'. On the inside left and outside right of the bib circular ink stamps read 'Paul F.I.E.' indicating that the mask is F.I.E. approved for class A tournaments.


Places England