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Old Tower collection, presumably Tower arsenal, probably Tudor Royal Armouries.

Physical Description

Iron or steel head consisting of a long triangular blade with a pronounced medial rib. On either side of the neck of the blade was a small, flat indented lug (one may be missing - but there is little obvious sign of a break; the curve here is more crude). From the base of the neck spring two wings, projecting upwards at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Each wing has a medial rib for about half its length from the point and is cusped on the lower edge. At the top of the octagonal socket is a brass moulding. Modern haft.


Dimensions: Overall length: 2227 mm (87.7 in), length of head: 622 mm (24.5 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on each side, stamped: resembling a letter I with a crenelleated or saw-toothed top, sometimes called the 'twig' mark.


Places Italy

Bibliographic References


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This is an interim entry for this type of corseque. For a general discussion see A V B Norman and G M Wilson, Treasures from the Tower of London, Norwich, 1982, p. 67, no. 50, where the view is expressed that the example therepublisged (VII.1340) 'is almost certainly .. the 'three-grayned staves' mentioned in the 1547 Inventory of the possessions of King Hnery VIII'.
A list of other examples in the Royal Armouries see list of Henrician weapons prepared by PJL (which is periodically updtated).
A similar brass moulding around the socket is found on a partizan, VII.183.
The mark, sometimes called the 'twig' mark, is found fairly extensively on Italian weapons (see drawing in Marks Cards (curators' office), under VII.855. Other examples in the Royal Armouries (not a complete list): VII.855, VII.1280; VII.1340. For further examples, see L.G. Boccia and E.T. Coelho, 'Armi Bianchi Italiane', Milan, Bramante Editrice, 1975, pp. 357, nos 259, 260; 362, no. 297; 363, no. 306; 364, no. 308.