Object Title

Spanish morion

Spanish morion



Object Number



Lanthorn Tower, Room 3. Associated with the corslet III. 1975-80

Physical Description

Made in one piece. The skull has a small flattened 'pear-stalk' at the top. Its lower edge bordered by fourteen replacement lining rivets with brass rosette washers. The brim is narrow, expanding to points at the front and rear, and dipping down at either side. The main edge has a file roped inward turn with a sunken border.

There is a crack at the left rear of the skull, and an internal riveted repair at the rear of the brim.


Dimensions: Height: 30.2 cm ( 12.0 in), Width: 24.4 cm ( 9.7 in), Depth: 39.0 cm ( 15.3 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

Numbered inside in white 'II/31 and 1/2'.


III.1975-80 now seperated (November 1990)