Object Title

Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



Object Number



Bowyer Tower AC3 (1988)

Physical Description

It has a high, hemispherical skull with an integral flat brim. It is made in two pieces joined in a low comb expanding to the centre and turned to the right, and riveted at the brim. The main edge has a flattened, plain inward turn with a sunken border once containing sixteen lining rivets with square internal washers, of which thirteen survive, one at the left lacking its washer. The base of the skull was bordered by fourteen lining rivets, of which three at the front and two at the rear at either side are decorative and survive; those for the cheekpieces are missing. Low at the rear is a rather ugly plume holder, pierced with three holes and riveted to the skull in a rounded arm at either side. It is painted black. Most of the right of the brim is a modern, poor repair. The front of the brim is mangled and broken off; at the centre is a contemporary repair, itself pierced with a large suspension hole, beside which is another brim. At the rear is a suspension hole.


Dimensions: Overall Width: 28.4 cm ( 11.3 in), Overall Depth: 35.6 cm ( 14.0 in), Skull Width: 18.6 cm ( 7.4 in), Skull Depth: 25.2 cm ( 9.2 in) Weight: 0.985 kg ( 2 lb 2.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Struck throught at the left of the brim with an indistinct mark, most likely a crowned IR for the Arsenal of James II.


Places Netherlands