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Lamellar belt

Lamellar belt



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Purchased 1 February 1986. Sold sotheby's, New York, 20-21 September 1985.

Physical Description

Composed of seventy two plates, overlapping towards the centre rear. Each plate is thin and rectangular, with curved upper and lower edges, and has a convex horizontal and concave vertical section. The edges are slightly embossed, and bordered by single incised lines.

The lamellae are articulated by three transverse internal leathers, attached to each lamella by three flush rivets with irregular flat circular heads and very thin shanks. The belt is fastened by three iron buckles of which two survive, attached inside one end by the leathering rivets. The sixth lamella from the other end is fitted with three staples, to which straps of four-strand plaited buff leather are attached. The central lamella has a cenral conical stud with a spherical terminal, either for suspension or decoration.


Dimensions: height 14.0 cm (5.5 in), length 94.2 cm (37.1 in) Weight: 1.465 kg (3 lb 3.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Inside the central rear lamella, on one of the outer leathers, is an area of black wax impressed twice with a seal, a cross with four pellets, bordered by sixteen pellets. There is a yellow Sotheby's label, inscribed 29/6; and white labels, inscribed in ink 38/6 and 8147148, 38/6.


Places Tibet


This seems to be part of the same armour as XXVIA.159, q.v.