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Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - India Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - India Pattern



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Old Tower Collections.

Physical Description

Standard India pattern lock with rounded surfaces and rounded swan-neck cock with narrow comb which curves outwards. Stamped across tail TOWER and ahead of cock crowned GR and small crowned broad arrow.
Stocked tp 4 5/16ths in of muzzle the barrel retained by three pins and the upper sling loop screw. Plain brass fore-end cap and three brass rod pipes of correct India pattern as is the remainder of the brass furniture, Button head ramrod.
Barrel blackened of standard design with government proof marks stamped on the left side of the breech. Bayonet stud acts as foresight.
Butt stamped IIICR and MA 873 white paint 6?15 plastic tags 168 and 39


Dimensions: Overall length: 52.25 in (1327 mm), Barrel length: 36.5 in (927 mm)


Serial Number None visible


.750 in


Places England


This is a standard India pattern musket except that it has been shortened at the muzzle in the barrel and the fore-end cut back with a New Land Pattern fore-end cap put on and the ramrod shortened appropriately. Although this may, in actual fact, have been shortened for sea service purposes it is 'not a regulation India pattern sea srevice musket' for which see XII.118