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Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - India Pattern

Flintlock muzzle-loading military musket - India Pattern



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Presented by the Countess of Seafield, 1962

Physical Description

Breech stamped with crowned crossed swords, crowned PV and SIR JAMES GRANT. The lock has incised line decoration, crowned GR W.KETLAND
Similar to the early model India Pattern musket with the exception of the screw plate which is the flush fitting civilian type. The butt plate is engraved with the number No.118 this number being also stamped on the ramrod. Musket accompanied by Bayonet X.300. Possibly intended for tenantry on Sir James Grant's estates (previously associated in error with the 97th Regiment)


BarrelLength39.17 inhes
BarrelLength995 mm
OverallLength1397 mm


Serial Number None visible



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Places England


The 97th regiment was raised by Colonel Sir James Grant Bt, in 1794 and disbanded in 1796. Attribution queried by Joe Puleo of Man at Arms magazine in July 2012 based upon maker's name form. Ketland did not use his own name until late 1801 - early 1802, prior to this he was in business with Thos Ketland Snr and William Walker. Puleo therefore states that this musket could not be earlier than 1801, well after the 97th Regiment was disbanded. This may therefore represent another volunteer regiment raised or patronised by Sir James Grant. Prior 97th association removed from Short Desc by JF 5.7.2012 accordingly. As a line regiment, the 97th would have been issued with Ordnance muskets, which would not have borne the Colonel's name.